Breakfast Meeting This Saturday @9 am to Get Organized

There will be a breakfast meeting of Weston Dems at 9 am this Saturday, at 460 Conant Road!

We have lots to discuss and decide.  The Democratic Convention was held in Worcester on June 13th, primary candidates were selected and many of us campaigned for various candidates in the primary, and the primary election was held on September 9th.Now we have a strong slate up and down the ticket of Democrats in the General election, on November 4th. Now, Weston Dems need to get organized to elect Democrats!
This is our chance for Weston Democrats to make our voices heard to Get Out the Vote to Support:
Senator Ed Markey, Congresswoman Katherine Clark
Martha Coakley – Governor, Steve Kerrigan – Lt. Gov., Deb Goldberg – Treasurer, Maura Healey – Attorney General
Suzanne Bump for Auditor, Bill Galvin for Secretary of State
and our own MA Senator Mike Barrett, our own MA Representative Alice Peisch, and so on up and down the ticket.
[A remarkable ticket of talented and almost all Women candidates running this time!]
Ed Markey, Tom Conroy, Mike Barrett, Tom Larkin and Bob Logan spoke at our Grand Opening / Open House last Saturday in Waltham.

Between now and Nov. 4th is GO TIME! 

THERE ARE LOTS OF WAYS YOU CAN HELP NOW!   I hope many Weston Dems will join me in donating to 3rdMAD and staffing the Coordinated Campaign Field Office at 689 Main Street in Waltham!  You can also donate to WestonDems to support our efforts in Weston. There are lots of important ways for Weston Dems to get involved, by volunteering to make calls, canvass for candidates, help staff the field office, donating funds, and many other ways.

Let’s meet Saturday morning to discuss how we can mobilize for the Nov. 4th elections. Democrats win elections when we grassroots organize!

Please RSVP to this message to let  Alan Orth know how much breakfast to prepare for 9 am this Saturday, at 460 Conant Road.


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Weston State Primary Results – Sept. 9, 2014

US Senator
Blanks 246 22%
Markey 866 77%
Scattering 13 1%
Total 1125
Blanks 4
Berwick 289 26%
Coakley 358 32%
Grossman 474 42%
Total 1125

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Super PACs Having a Big Impact on 2014 Governor’s Race

Outside groups far outpacing candidates in early spending

BY: Paul Mcmorrow: Commonwealth Magazine

Independent groups can raise and spend more money than a lone candidate ever could under today’s laws. The result is an election where much of what voters are influenced by comes not from traditional campaigns, but from an enormous pile of money dedicated to either building up or tearing down the images of those candidates. The PACs have also shifted funds away from campaigns and forced them to rely more heavily on the outside support: “Whichever candidate emerges from September’s Democratic primary will be running with far less cash in their pocket than Gov. Deval Patrick enjoyed four years ago. It’s a recipe for campaign spending to tilt even further away from the candidates themselves, and toward deep-pocketed outside groups.”

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Progressive Democrats of Massachusetts Endorse Candidates

In May, Progressive Democrats of Massachusetts endorsed Don Berwick for Governor.  They indicated that their decision was made after careful discussion and meetings with the candidates.  Their members were highly impressed with Don’s compassion, intelligence and commitment to the progressive agenda.

This week, Progressive Democrats of Massachusetts endorsed two other candidates in current statewide office races. They have endorsed Tom Conroy for State Treasurer and Maura Healey for Attorney General.

In Progressive Democrats of Massachusetts announcements, Chair Peter Enrich praised these candidates for their progressive values as well as their specific skills and experience for the offices they seek.

“Less than three years after his stunning win, Brown lost to Elizabeth Warren, a Democrat who held herself out as a true progressive. Last year, Stan Rosenberg, liberal stalwart from Amherst, sewed up the Senate presidency well over a year in advance of its anticipated vacancy. Meanwhile, political observers have noted a striking fact about this year’s Democratic gubernatorial field: No one is a moderate.” – Rise of the Progressives



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2014 MA Democratic Convention Results

Warren Tolman was the only candidate to receive the ‘Endorsement of the Convention’, as his was the only vote to exceed 50% of the delegates. Candidates with an “x” failed to reach the 15% needed to appear on the September Democratic Primary ballot.

In terms of 3rd MAD voting, the following candidates won: Berwick for Governor, Lake for LG, Healey for AG, and Conroy for Treasurer.  3rd MAD is once again slightly to the left of the rest of the Commonwealth!

Thanks to Tom Larkin, our Teller, for compiling these voting results.


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2014 Mass. Dems Nominating Convention

Weston Dems Prepare for Convention June 13-14th

Weston delegates prepare for Worcester Convention. At the February 2014 Caucus the following people were selected as delegates:

2014 WDTC Town Caucus elected 7 delegates to the Convention this year:
John Hennessey, ex-officio, John Carlton-Foss, Alan Day, Quentin Palfrey < Men
Jackie Haas, Catherine Fallon, Maureen Ecker < Women

Samuel Alam < Add on Youth Delegate
3 Alternate Delegates: Jonathan Gertler, Alan Orth, & Sepi Gilani
State Committee Delegates: Joe Mullin & Nazda Alam

Delegates will nominate candidates for Governor, Lt. Governor, Attorney General & State Treasurer.  Candidates will need to get at least 15% of the roughly 6,250 delegates on the first ballot to appear on the September Primary ballot. The second and final ballot will determine who will be identified on the same as the “Endorsed Candidate Of The Massachusetts Democratic Party”.

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Active Democrats and convention delegates from Weston met and listened to Democratic candidates at the Third Middlesex Area Democrats (3rdMAD) Annual Breakfast, on Saturday May 3rd. This year’s breakfast was held in Waltham at the Hilton Garden Inn.

Weston Democratic Town Committee [WDTC] members John Carlton-Foss, Dolores Boucher, Roland Boucher, Catherine Fallon, William Fallon, Isabella Jancourtz, Quentin Palfrey (with his young daughter Serena), and John Hennessey attended the Annual Breakfast to meet and hear candidates running for Governor, Lt. Governor, Governors Council, Treasurer, and Attorney General, and Middlesex County District Attorney.

The busy Annual Breakfast was moderated by 3rd MAD co-chairs Mara Dolan and Bob Wallhagen. 3rdMAD Vice Chair John Riordan, Clerk Janet Beyer, and Treasurer Al Schmertzler, former Chair Kelly Durkee-Erwin and many others worked hard to make this event a success. 3rdMAD holds the breakfast to raise funds and build interest in supporting Democratic candidates.

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